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To meet your company’s growing needs, you’ve made necessary investments in new technology, improved products and services, and updated infrastructure, but what about your culture? Welcome to DCCP, your new partners in DBEI development.

We specialize in defining the What, So What, Now What, and How What in relation to what this work means in an organization.

We are proposing to give C-suite level leaders the opportunity to communicate in a way that gives them enough transparency to move forward as they learn that DBEI requires a level of leadership transparency that many of us have never been acculturated to provide.


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The glue to the change that you are seeking begins with a simple word: capacity. A sense of urgency to change your organization, particularly through checklists or other quick fixes, can potentially do more harm than good. An organization primed to change the world in absence of the capacity that it needs to see that change through will fall short. People with urgency and no skills or tools to be urgent cannot shift your organizational culture or support you in reaching important equity goals such as increased staff of color, more diverse representation on boards and in leadership, and greater retention and feelings of belonging within your current staff..”

Dr. Darnisa Amante-Jackson

President & Founder of DCCP

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