DCCP Services

DCCP’s services are customized using our DCCP Corporate Equity Framework.

We specialize in defining the What, So What, Now What, and How What in relation to what this work means in an organization.

We are proposing to give C-suite level leaders the opportunity to communicate in a way that gives them enough transparency to move forward as they learn that DBEI requires a level of leadership transparency that many of us have never been acculturated to provide. This work persists through how it is operationalized in HR; however, it is not sustained if a C-suite leader is unable to model what is named in the code of ethics and standards.

DCCP clients can use our services individually although most combine a variety of DCCP services to increase their direct impact on equitable hiring, operationalizing equity, and improving retention/hiring.

DCCP Cultural Assessment

A 2-page report that is given after the DCCP team spends 10 hours reviewing your culture. The report consists of suggestions, recommendations, and SWOT Analysis.

The Process:

The root of DCCP’s work is ensuring sustainability, support, and coaching along the way. Clients often purchase packages (in 10, 15, 20 hour options) or interweave coaching in between to further impact their organizational and personal journeys toward DBEI culture.

1:1 Individual and group training that supports leaders (virtually) in focusing on the key topics/learnings:

Executive Coaching

Executive Leadership Training Series: SUITE

(30 hour training series, 4-10 Executive Level Leadership)

The DCCP SUITE series is tailored to our executive level leaders as they seek either to begin or to continue their personal and organizational journey towards DBEI. This training is dynamic, transformative, and action oriented. Executive level leaders will gain skills in:

Human Resources Team Training Series: CODIFY

(20 hours training series; 4-20 Human Resources Team)

DCCP differentiates HR Training and Manager Training based on the ability of individuals in training to create, enact, and codify DBEI-based training within their organizations. Our HR Training Series supports HR teams or individuals in operationalizing and learning key skills in building equitable policies and practices and building internal organizational capacity in DBEI culture and functions.

We have found that this training will support a few key areas of impact:

Manager/Director Training Series: OPERATIONALIZE

(20 hours training series; 4-20 Human Resources Team)

The DCCP Manager/Director Training Series is specifically focused on individuals who are creating accountability within your teams and/or sub-teams. This training is focused on helping managers align and create best leadership practices around DBEI to guide teams to sustain their learning and DBEI cultural competence.

DCCP Staff Training Sessions: EMBODY

(3 hour virtual training; ZOOM – up to 40 staff members)

The DCCP Staff Training Series is dedicated to ensuring the creation of a reciprocal relationship between staff interaction and an adaptive DBEI culture, wherein the latter provides a comprehensive framework that governs staff treatment and interfacing and vice versa, i.e., that appropriate staff behavior feeds back into the organizational culture, now governed by DBEI principles, forming a reinforcing loop.

Key elements addressed during the staff training sessions include:


120 minutes: 90-minute address plus 30-minute Q&A/Audience Interaction.

DCCP’s commitment to transforming organizational cultures through the implementation of diversity, belonging, equity, and inclusion starts with its founder and CEO Dr. Darnisa Amante-Jackson whose personal and professional journey has introduced her to and familiarized her with the challenges associated with designing organizational cultures that reflect the social tapestry of the 21st century workforce.

For organizations new to DBEI work or even those with commendable track records of commitment to DBEI, Dr. Amante-Jackson is available to lead topical discussions, including the emergence of new issues affecting the ways in which your company conducts business, with tailored keynote addresses meant to explore themes of your choosing and to foster deeper and broader awareness of essential concepts that exemplify diversity, belonging equity, and inclusion. While keynotes are offered as standalone options for organizations looking to address specific and timely needs, they are also available as complements to any of the pre-existing packages DCCP provides.

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