How We'll Work Together

Ready to start changing DBEI checklist culture? Let’s actively participate in change and get to work.

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Project Management

When you started you received a customized scope.This will be our guide from “now” until the conclusion of your DBEI journey with us.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started.

  1. Client Portal Access
    • This will be provided to you by the DCCP admin.
  2. DBEI Artifacts Drive access
    • DCCP’s Artifact checklist to begin your journey
    • Project scope
  3. Agreed-upon training and coaching dates
    • Email our coordinator, Ms. Norlander Wilson, to assist
  4. DBEI data dashboard link once the Gather phase is complete

Communication and Timelines

During our journey, we will use Google Calendar and the DCCP client portal to manage your project.

Tools we will use

17 hats client portal

The DCCP Client Portal, your one-stop destination to see everything that DCCP is doing to plan, execute, and chronicle your journey to transforming your company’s organizational culture. DCCP partners with clients who are hands-on, a necessary trait for effectively doing the work of DBEI, and as such, we want to provide you with centralized access to the data we have compiled from the Gather Stage, your company’s progress along the DBEI Framework continuum, next steps, and accurate reporting tools among other resources.


We’ll use Zoom for our training, coaching, and consultation calls. Here’s why Zoom is amazing: due to changing times, we are now forced to be online; however, DCCP has always been a virtual company. We utilize all the tools that Zoom has to offer such as: breakout rooms, screen sharing, and webinars.

Google Calendar

We’ll use Google Calendar to schedule our meetings. This tool will be used to keep us on schedule. 

Google Drive 

We use Google Drive to store all client flies. During our DBEI journey clients will be able to access a folder in which they can place requested information and also download material for training. 

This is also where you have access to your project scope which is continuously in process.

Frequently Asked Questions

The answer is YES! However, if the change extends beyond the current scope timeline provided in your initial signed agreement, an amendment will be made to your contract and is subject to possible rate increase. Please contact your project manager for further details.

We recommend having someone that owns communication and scheduling. This person should have the locus of control for scheduling all engaged parties and will work closely with the project manager.

The entire DCCP team will be supporting you in making this journey smooth.

The answer is YES! At the very beginning of your journey, you will be assigned a facilitator and project manager who will remain with you until the end of your journey.

The answer is NO! We will provide all Zoom communication needed for planning and training. However, we understand that your organization may have privacy protocols and would like to provide DCCP facilitators with a link. We ask that all hosting capabilities given are given to both our VP (virtual producer) and trainer.

Once you’ve agreed to embark on a journey with DCCP our admin will provide your organization with an access key to your personal portal which can be accessed via the DCCP website.

We look forward to joining you on your DBEI journey.