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“Minority” groups comprise a large percentage of the country’s consumers, social influencers, and drivers of culture, yet these groups often find themselves underrepresented in the decision-making processes that affect the services they seek, the products they buy, the communities in which they live, and, quite often, the companies for which they work.

Recently, a shift in the American political, social, and cultural landscape has given underrepresented persons the opportunity to voice their anger, hurt, and despair at a history of marginalization that once relegated them to a status of otherness.

However, along with this opportunity to be heard, the resounding calls for equity and inclusion has revealed several truths we must accept for real and transformative change to occur:

On the cusp of change, there seems to be an implicit call to action, and a clear distinction is made between those at the forefront to champion that change and those left behind for failing to adapt, lead, and fight.

It is at this potentially contentious crossroads that many corporations and organizations currently find themselves as Wall Street, Main Street, and 125th Street watch and wait to see in what direction the moral compasses of America’s corporate leaders point.

The good news is that if you have read to this point, then you are ready to take your company in the right direction, and DCCP will be your guide along this journey, a constant source of support that will remind you of where you want to go, how you want to get there, and why you need to be there.

Doing what’s right requires embracing change that is honestly sought, authentically modeled, and fully unimpeded.

Starting with its founder and president, Dr. Darnisa Amante-Jackson, DCCP, from top to bottom, is exceptionally positioned to assist you in leveraging DBEI principles and practices.

DCCP is here to help you understand why terms like diversity, belonging, equity, and inclusion must take on equal significance as profit margin, stock price, market share, and investment capital; DBEI is intrinsic to many of the metrics used to evaluate successful companies. Once you embark on this journey with us, we will show you how to:

The work ahead will not be easy because we will be up against traditions, beliefs, and values that are firmly rooted in the past and would like to remain there.

However, the key to toppling antiquated and oppressive cultures is first recognizing the need for change and partnering with a company whose only goal is to help you achieve your specific goals around DBEI. You have taken the first step by visiting our site and learning more about us and what we do; now let us take you all the way.

We look forward to joining you on your DBEI journey.